Sanskrit Counting ~ easy to learn-1000 To Shank counting

Sanskrit Counting ~1000 To Shank  / Hindi / Devanagari / Eng.

In this article, we learn counting in the numbers in Sanskrit counting from 1000 to Shankh We also try to learn more and the MAX counting number series.

  Our main intent is to provide these numbers so that it could help people who are highly aggressive in learning the Sanskrit language living in India or outside of India.

We should also be aware too that there are more Sanskrit counting numbers that we use in our routine life because they are the counterpart of Hindi so much like here. The Sanskrit language is considered the oldest language in the world. Indians consider it to be a direct language or eloquent language directly from the mouth of God, hence it is also called Devbhasha. 

The word ‘Sanskrit’ is formed in the form of ‘sam + sut + kr + kat’. It means ‘Sanskrit language from the nature of nature. On this page “Count in Sanskrit” is written,  which will prove very useful from your examination point of view. You are sharing the article with your friends if you like.

And we hope that the required pits of our readers have been mostly met with Article. Below is the list of Sanskrit Numbers and their pronunciations to help you to learn the Sanskrit language easily.

Numbers in Sanskrit counting “1000 To 9999”

Numbers HindiSanskrit WordsDevanagariEnglish
9000नवतिस्हत्रं९०००Nine- Thousand

Example for Thousands :

In Thousands of series “स्हत्रं “is a main pronuncial common word, so noted that all the words. signifying the numbers Thousands of similar things can also be noticed about the words pronounce the set of Two-Thousand to Nine-Ninety-nine and all the first to the ninth words to end then this cycle repeated. Like:” Two-Thousand as well “द्वि स्हत्रं” to Nine-Hundred “नवनवतिस्हत्रं”.

Numbers in Sanskrit counting “1000, s To Crores”

Counting In: Above Thousand

Numbers HindiSanskrit WordsDevanagariEnglish
1,00,000शत्स्हत्रं, लक्षं१०००००One Lakh
2,00,000द्विशत्स्हत्रं२०००००Two Lakh
3,00,000त्रिंशत्स्हत्रं३०००००Three Lakh
10,00,000प्रयूता, नियूता१००००००Ten Lakh
1,00,00,000कोटि, क्रोर्१०००००००One Crore
10,00,00,000अर्बुदा, न्यर्बुदा१००००००००Ten Crore

Example for Above Thousands :

Above Thousands in series of Lakhs, there are added “शत्स्हत्रं “is a main pronuncial common word, so noted that all the words signifying the numbers Thousands + Lakhsa similar thing can also be noticed about the words pronounced in the set of One-Lakh to Nine Lakh-Nine-Ninety-nine and all the first to the ninth word to end then this cycle repeated. Like:” 
One- Lakh as well “शत्स्हत्रं” to Ten-Lakhs as well “प्रयूता”.

Numbers in Sanskrit counting “Arav To Shankh”

Counting In: From Billion and above

Numbers HindiSanskrit WordsDevanagariEnglish
1,00,00,00,000अब्जा, शतकोटि, निखार्वा, बद्वा१०००००००००One Arav
10,00,00,00,000खर्वा१००००००००००Ten Arav
1,00,00,00,00,000निखार्वा, अक्शित१०००००००००००Kharab
10,00,00,00,00,000महापद्म, अन्त्या, अन्त्यम्१००००००००००००Ten kharab
10,00,00,00,00,00,000जलाधि१००००००००००००००Ten Neel
10,00,00,00,00,00,00,000मध्या१००००००००००००००००Maha Padam

 Example for Above Arav :  

Above Arav in series of One Arav, there are added “अब्जा, शतकोटि, निखार्वा, बद्वा“are 
all words have a self-pronuncial word so noted that all the words signifying the numbers 
One Arav as pronouncing” शतकोटि” toShankhas pronounce “परार्धा”

it’s quite easy if you understand Hindi–learning the “Sanskrit counting” numbers and counting become very easy to learn.

Conclusion :

We shall again look at the inflections, it can be noticed that in any set of numbers, word initials are a repetition of the words used in numbers, from one to ten and the words which occur word-finally are a repetition of the number from which that set begins.

It should also be noticed that there are lots of Sanskrit counting numbers that we use in our daily life because they are so much like their Hindi counterpart.

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